A Sweet Candy for You and a Book to Read — an Introduction

We are open for business.

The day is mildly hot. Sweat is pouring through every people while trying to balance the eternal quantum. The cats and dogs are chasing around the ally of Victoneta Avenue and the sweet shops are starting to open their own doors for their customers. You walk on the street in a hurry, waiting for another stranger to pass over the street. It’s slightly dark and you check your mobile’s electronic clock. Its 7:45 in the morning, perfect for a nice walk in an alley full of feral animals and large trees surrounding the place.

The breezy air slowly touching your skin with intense electrifying sensation and you can feel that the strange air is pointing you to a new direction. You walk slowly. Every step is a foreign command. When you pass through those large trees, free benches and beautiful garden you start to fright. “What can I do to you stranger?” Somebody whispers at your back. Your hair tangles. With a great forty-five degrees head twist, you see a nineteen-year old boy smiling wearing a white long sleeve polo with a nice tuxedo and a fit black pants. It suits him. You whisper in your mind.

“Hi,” you said. “Do you own the shop kid?”

The stranger nod and the cool strangeness atmosphere are starting to worn off.

You nod. You start to turn on the mechanism living inside your feet again when you think that the place is no strangeness at all. Then, the kid touches you in your shoulder and said, “Ma’am, do you want a nice treat for your day?”

You want to say no but the word yes is starting to pop large in your unconscious mind. His voice, it’s someone whom you know in the past but you can’t remember anymore. You are trying to figure out how to leave but at last you said a sweet smile and start to follow the kid. He opens the door and the chime singing like little birds seeking for love. When you enter, the shop is full of sweets to eat with delight and books to read. You forget everything except eat and read.

A brief encounter

Welcome readers! Blogging is a fun way when you are not busy doing anything. It’s a new way to enjoy online life but what made me to start blogging again was when I felt the same boring sensation while checking my facebook, twitter, goodreads et cetera. I always lurk for hours online but never enjoyed a minute of it when I stopped blogging. I’m sure most of you missed me and some never heard of me or saw my blog appeared on your screen, but here I am, can’t wait to write new reviews and stories to share to everyone.

For the past couple of months, I kept on adding new pages for my new blog but never finish editing and only half of all the sections where fully furnished. Some may be not sure if they can still survive until the end of the month. It’s like planning without doing it. So last week, because of my exhausted fingers and mind editing and winning my inner self’s contentment, I decided to air my new blog without thinking the possible outcome by the end of the day. It’s like gambling, you don’t know if you’ll win or go home without your clothes on.

I hope everyone is happy to see me again, not as a friend but as a blogger, but who the hell I am talking to? Anyway, from now on, I’ll start blogging about books, movies, television series, food and few snippets of my daily personal life inspired from my friends and strangers across blogosphere whom I followed for almost a year now. I’m sure everyone knew that I’m a legitimate lurker. Not that I’m talking rubbish in my blog, it’s just that I want to put every interesting accounts to my one and only [don’t include the old ones] blog existing. Extras may something to do with my beloved book clubs, travel around the world or some interesting stories in my mind that are worth telling. Of course, I’m trying to exclude some personal opinions for my book reviews but I won’t promise that they are perfectly or guaranteed free from my viral opinions. I’m just a person who blog for the sake to practice writing, to make friends and of course share what’s in my mind.

If you want to learn more about me, call me anything except my real name, which I never mentioned before, but call me Sweet Reads or anything you want online. It’s just that, I want to make myself mysterious for those who never met me before. Simple, if you can’t think of anything call me ‘nothing,’ ‘nobody,’ or use ‘it’ in your sentence. I never cared anyway. As long as my place is in peace, no brawl and free from verbal abuses. Not because I’m sensitive, it’s just that I want to regulate my blog’s contents and friends. A better place is a place with no war and this is not a no-man’s land, excuse me.

If you have free time and wanted to relax and read, you can visit my blog anytime and feel free to share your comments, opinions and suggestions. It’s a free place for everyone to chat and hope everyone had a great time. For now, have some free sweets on the shelves and in the jars or have a nice latte or pick a suitable book or magazine for you to enjoy. Sweet reads readers!

† Photo taken from FanPop.com, image credit to QuoteXite.com and vider69.

10 thoughts on “A Sweet Candy for You and a Book to Read — an Introduction

  1. COOL!! Nice going “it” …. (:-P)

    • SweetReads says:

      Thanks! I’m planning to write more tomorrow, I just need a working internet connection at this moment. My sister forgot to bring the LAN connection I prepared last Monday. Haha. And thanks Mick!

  2. Alona says:

    Finally, your back to the blogosphere! 잘왔어요! 😀

  3. ForesterCary says:

    just dropping by to say hello!

  4. kimyunalesca says:

    Welcome back!
    to be honest mine’s getting stagnant and I kept on adding pages most of which are still drafts haha! perhaps I’ll call you X since in every mathematical equation/problem x seems to be always missing or unknown so yeah just to keep your mysterious identity effect intact :))

    Take care ^_^

    • SweetReads says:

      Thanks for calling me X or something mathematical in a sense. 🙂 Unlike me, this is my third blog and I’m sure I can’t put most of my time to this one again, be like the other stagnant bloggers; got bored, busy with outside life, lazy to write or update etc. Well, there’s nothing wrong with a new blog, right? 🙂

      Hope I could read recent blog post from you. I can’t wait and I just linked you up from my blog. Mabuhay!

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