A Clumsy Student. A Lover of Books. Hate the Sun. Play with Tarots. Interested in Paranormal. Laughing with No Sound. Always Spoils Around. No-no to Movies. K-pop Wannabe. Frustrated No-More-No-Less Writer. Not Believer of Friendship. Too Complicated to Understand. Keeping Sweet Teeth. But Who Cares?

Guess Who Am I?

A Paranoid. Hater of Science. Lover of Math. Biologically Human but Animal in Behavior. Kicking Arse! Punching Eyes. Bullying Not-So-Friendly Human. Lover of Dissection. Suffering of Animal Anatomy. Viral Lover. Susceptible to Enemies. Chopping Boredom-ness. Kitten Eyes.

Guess Who Am I?

A Copycat. Wannabe Artist. Broken Pianist. A Foolish Fiddler. Eating Cat Food.  Cheating Quizzes. Not-So-Well-Known Blogger. Day Dreamer. Sound Phantom. Romantically Beaten. Support Pocket Sized Books. No Dimples But Want One. Suffocating Sibling of Too Much Silence. 

Guess Who Am I?

Library Hater. Sizzling Ugly. Fat Arse! Odd Past.  Old-Fashioned Reader. Sweet Shop Manager. Loving Hot Sex. Kidding.  Reading Anything. Reviewing Few. Dancer with Broken Legs. Weakling. No To Sports! Table Tennis Loser. Accepted. Jiggling. Wiggling. Loving -ing. Stopped! 

Who Am I to Deal With?

I’m Just Purely Sweets.

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