In the challenge section, you will see few challenges I’m joining for the year and some are already started a long time ago, some are just invented challenges of mine or some will tingle your nerve out and join the challenge with me. Challenges may varies, it may be by authors or quantity of the book. Why there is no challenges for genres? I’m not into categorizing my books by genres. Genres are very complicated to discuss, so I want to enter my year without headache by not discussing stuff again and again.

If you feel interested, you may join the challenges by commenting to the proper pages. Below are the list of challenges I’m joining. Criteria, reference and other stuff is contained under there respective pages. Direction; click the title it you choose to be directly transport to my list or page or by clicking the ‘reference’ to check the main challenge page.

Goodreads Reading Challenge

Goodreads Reading Challenge started this year sponsored by my dearest site, Goodreads. With their yearly quantity challenge, users these days are into adding a lot of books and because of my addiction in buying, I have to lessen the number of books in my to-read. This simple quantity challenge will help you enjoy the year full of books and commitment! Plus, Goodreads are giving away profile badges to those readers who finished their challenge in a span of a year.


Haruki Murakami Reading Challenge

I’m a fan of his works! Thanks to my dearly friend, a doctor, who made me wanted to read Murakami works in no time. Haruki Murakami Reading Challenge, is supported by Murakami fans online and by it’s name, the Haruki Murakami Reading Challenge goal is to read all Murakami books per year with friends and stranger who will support and encourage you more in reading.


Journal Challenge

Jotting down is hard so here we offer the Journal Challenge to make jotting down notes convenient and fun with friends! All you need is a notebook for the year or anything that can be written with words and your mighty pen. Jot down everything from books, doodle to something private, and by the end of the year you have your one and only journal. Make it memorable and artistic!

Off the Shelf!

Do you have problems with your old book or are you stuck with too much hoard-ness in the couple of years? Well, this is the perfect challenge for you, all you have to do is to read all your old books and books bought before 2012. No sweat and no ways of money again, plus, reading old books will lessen your TBR. That would be great!


The Jodi Picoult Project

I read at least half of Jodi Picoult’s works in year 2011 and now, I’m into more harsher challenge. I’m planning to finish all her works this year! Are you dreaming? I’m always dreaming my dear. Thanks to The Jodi Picoult Project, I am forced again to enter the year with new Jodi Picoult’s works! In fairness, I’m a fan now.


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