Goodreads Reading Challenge

I’m an addict and once I started something, I can’t stop doing it except if I find myself in a place that is too much to handle. Well, Goodreads is becoming the top book sites lately and thanks to them, I was hooked in reading and reach my quota for the year 2011. For sure, Goodreads is really addicting. I can do anything I want like talk to my bookish friends, add books to my database, smooth surfing, fun apps and incredible challenges that will worsen your reading habit. Kidding, I mean  of pushing readers to read more books that are out of this world.

2012 Reading Challenge

2012 Reading Challenge

Kwesi 章英狮 has read 59 books toward his goal of 200 books.


This year, I’m into reading 200 books. Same with the old quota, I will stick with 200 since I’m a busy kid in the neighborhood. I know, I can finish 200 books this year without hopping at least one book and wish to review them. I can’t commit that I will review everything I read but I’m hoping that I can. Yeah, wishing as if I’m gonna do it myself. I wish everyone can join the Goodreads Reading Challenge, the goal is to read books in your quota, the more the merrier. Quantity is my thing and I know I can finish this year’s challenge again.

Join the challenge at Goodreads.

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