Journal Challenge

Everything is fun to me, except when my parents and somebody force me something that I don’t like to do, from writing to reading or making people laugh to beat them with my words. Who cares anyway, as long as I enjoy this life nobody can break me. Uhum, making sure of that though. Most fun would come in different ways, but writing is not my priority in life and I want to improve something that hid in my body for years. Daaaa, if only my parents gave me enough education when I was young.

I kept journals since I started schooling in college, unfortunately, I always get tired of filling those boring pages. Now, I decided to make it more interesting. I invited a friend of mine to join this little challenge in my mind for weeks. I already bought enough notebook and other materials, so all I need to do before I start is to make this year come to life! So yeah, here we go again with another year full of promises and commitments. I wish this will last long.

What is Journal Challenge?

Simple, you don’t need to go get a book and read. The goal is write and create something special that will make your journal memorable of the year. Simple right? You can write anything you want, from events, notes from the book you read, write short stories and excerpt of your book, or you can write anything under the sun. No rules, just keep yourself intact from reality of writing that writing is fun!

The journey will start on January 1 of the year and end in the last day of the year, which is December 31. You don’t have to write daily, all you need is to write something that will cherish until the end of the year. You can write in notebook, bond paper, scratch or anywhere as long as you can record everything you wanted to share. Make it unique and artistic, paint something or stick papers and sticky notes to make it more interesting.

If you want to join, simply comment you blog name and link. You can share your journal by dedicating a post for it everyday or anytime you want. There is no pushing here, everyone can do it freely. You can use the badge or banner anytime. Start buying materials and start writing today.


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