I read a lot and watch few movies, series and anime that sometimes I can’t list them all up because I keep on relying to my brain who suck with memorization; I can’t even memorize names! So for Pete’s sake, I want to list all the sweets I receive, read, bought and watch for my loving costumers like you.

The list will be divided into few parts;

  • Book – this consist all foreign and local books I read for the year; the list is not classify by genres; books such as pamphlets, picture books, graphic novel, foreign and local novellas or any short books are listed here.
  • Pocketbook – pocketbooks are usually a term used to describe Tagalog Romance novels. All listed here are local Filipino Romance and either from different local publishers such as Precious Hearts Romances, Chapters of the Heart or more; Independent publishers are welcome. Online sources may be disapproved by the manager. 
  • Manga and Manhwa – Manga is a Japanese graphic novels; Manhwa is a Korean graphic novels; graphic novels and comics /komiks/ are listed in books.
  • Anime – Japanese animation; the listing is using the title and episode number; foreign animation are listed in movies and series.
  • Movie and Series – I watch few, so this is the least to be expected in the site; lists all movies watched in the current year with year of release; series are listed with title and, season and, year first and last released.
  • Literature – everything written by me, from poem to essays and weird stuff online.
For more information and wider range of genre, you can click the link above or by checking the pages using the ‘Record’ section in the bar above.

Why they are divided into few parts? I don’t usually watch movies, series and anime but I want to keep track with my activities every year. Something simple like this might help me retain my memory. I have a friend who told us, that he only wrote reviews so that his daughter when getting old will remind of his memories and reading experience. So sweet that his idea of his future and daughter made me wonder if I can do this stuff of my own. I read a lot, so expect something large in number especially in books and pocketbooks.

Besides having this set of lists, I also have ink-and-paper notebook which I list most of my thoughts about the book and lessen my worries not having a review. The advantage of listing it on paper, is that you bring it somewhere or anywhere you want to write and read but of course, you need effort to write understandable words so that you can read it again. Unlike me, my mother told me once that I had a hard fist which means, having a good penmanship.

Journal Challenge

For the coming years, my friend and I, planning to keep track everything we read by listing all the details. In the other hand, we are creating a journal of books read in certain year. This is a little bit hard for us but this will help us keep track of our activities, portable and convenient. Everyone is welcome to join the challenge anytime soon. Click ‘Journal Challenge’ below ‘Challenge’ for more information.

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