Tagalog Pocketbook is a mass market, pocket-sized books in the Philippines under Romance (genre).

I started reading pocketbooks last 2011 and I can’t stop from reading it. Even though my friends find it awkward, I find it enjoyable and very comforting compared to reading Filipino literary and foreign books. Pocketbooks are written in Taglish, which means that the pocketbook is written in two languages, Tagalog and English. Although, most of the Filipino citizen find it pussy and not suitable for everyone to read, pocketbook delivers a new way for Filipina and Strong Male to read in affordable and enjoyable way. So don’t insult people who read pocketbooks but be glad that Filipino read books.

Below is the list of pocketbooks I read this year (2012) and my list is getting bigger. If you want your novel to be read and reviewed, please visit the Policy corner for more information.

2012 – (23/150 books)

  1. Avery by Camilla – ★★★✩✩
  2. Love Will Lead You Back by* Yesha Lee – ★★★✩✩
  3. Pepper’s Roses by Rose Tan – ★★★★✩ — Goodreads
  4. Somewhere Between Lovers and Friends by Martha Cecilia – ★★★✩✩
  5. Scars Of Your Love by Belle Feliz – ★★★★½
  6. Loving The Villain by Nikki Karenina – ★★★½✩
  7. Believe Me When I Say I Love You* by Yesha Lee – ★★★✩✩
  8. Loving The Charming Prince by Gabriev Fuentes -★✩✩✩✩
  9. Once In A Lifetime Love by Rose Tan – ★★★★✩
  10. A One Percent Chance To Happiness by Nikki Karenina -★★★★✩
  11. My Cheating Heart by Martha Cecilia – ★★★★✩
  12. My Dearest Enemy by Sabrina – ★★★½✩
  13. The Perfect Match for Charito* by Yesha Lee – ★★½✩✩
  14. Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered by Rose Tan – ★★★★½
  15. Mananatili Kitang Mahal by Martha Cecilia – ★★★★★
  16. Find Me* by Yesha Lee – ★★½✩✩
  17. No Way, No How, Some Way, Somehow by Sheena Rose – ★★★★✩
  18. Happy Ever After by Belle Feliz – ★★★✩✩
  19. Cindy: Cinderella and Her Prada Shoes by Heart Yngrid – ★★★✩✩
  20. Kelly: Snow White and Her Rugged Prince by Heart Yngrid – ★★★✩✩
  21. A Smile in Your Heart by Angel Bautista – ★★✩✩✩
  22. Barby: The Untamed Beauty and The Handsome Prince by Heart Yngrid – ★★★✩✩
  23. Casey: Sleeping Beauty and The Campus Prince by Heart Yngrid – ★★★½✩

*Published by Chapters & Pages Corporation

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